Trying to decide betwen the virtuoso and the rancilo rocky. There is a big price diference - but I ordered the...

Trying to decide between the virtuoso and the rancilo rocky. There is a big price difference - but I ordered the virtuoso (from somewhere else) and it arrived dead out of the box! I returned it and was so disappointed that I've been trying to look for a different grinder at a similar price point. I haven't seen one yet at a similar price that has as good reviews - and the rocky seems to be the "go-to" for an entry level espresso grinder (I have a gaggia classic). Wondering if I should give the virtuoso another try or go for something else. Any recommendations?
reva, I think you will find the Rocky to be a better built more solid grinder. It will work well. I am sorry you have had problems with the Baratza. You may want to gave the Preciso a chance as it will give you more range of grind adjustment. I do know Baratza if it has a problems does a great job of resolving any problems with great customer service.
Posted by: mjackson on 11-01-13 04:54PM
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