I'm loking to purchase my first espreso machine. Whats the diference betwen the Gagia Espreso and the Gagia...

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I'm looking to purchase my first espresso machine. Whats the difference between the Gaggia Espresso and the Gaggia Evolution? Which one would be better.
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C1a899e57fdc0bdcf558abdc77132f5b While they are similar machines, there are a few differences. The biggest ones being the boiler and the brew group. The Evolution has a smaller boiler that is made of aluminium, allowing for faster heat up time and more consistency with temperature. The brew group is also chrome plated brass, where the Pure is aluminium. Both of them are going to function very similarly to the end user, and both are going to help you learn the finer points of Espresso! 11-01-13 04:55PM
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