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I love that this site is so informative and I don't have to do much research on the machines outside of here. I did have 3 quick questions I didn't see elsewhere I was hoping someone could answer: When buying a refurb model, is it still necessary to go through the pump priming steps when I receive it? Is the machine descaled and thoroughly cleaned before it is re-sold, so I would be starting with a new/fresh maintenance cycle? What cleaners or cleaning accessories would you recommend I purchase along with the machine for routine upkeep / maintenance - do I just need a bottle of the Gaggia decalcifier? Thanks!
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C1a899e57fdc0bdcf558abdc77132f5b Gophinsin, The refurbs really are a great value! They are throughly cleaned in the shop here, and come back to your as close to brand new as possible. Priming the machine is certainly a good idea, even though there is a good chance that someone has run water through it previously. You can safely assume a normal descale schedule, as well. For the cleaning, the Gaggia Decalcifier is hard to beat and is all you will really need for taking care of your machine! 11-01-13 04:57PM
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