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Went to Venice, Italy --ruined for life :) since they brewed the best espresso/cappuccinos i have EVER had! So....can you recommend an espresso/cappcno machine for my home for 2-3 esp/caps a day, VERY reliable, and under $200ish ? Frothing is very important as well as a "rich tasting" espresso. Grazie!
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Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic Suzzanne, There are certainly some options to consider that will work well in that price range. I really like the Gaggia a lot as they will last as well as do a great job. Look at the Gaggia Evolution - This would be my first choice. I woudl also look at the Delonghi EC 702 -, another one to consider would be the Capresso EC 100 = If you watch the videos it will help. The Gaggia has the most potential for the best shot as well as lasting the longest. 11-01-13 04:57PM
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