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I got my Silvia from you over 11 years ago and we've used it daily since, obviously very happily and with care. We've developed a steaming problem: she heats up normally, the light goes off after about 20-30 seconds, and I begin steaming - all normal. But the steam diminishes from full to nothing in about 15 seconds, at which point the light goes back on. If I then leave it for 60 seconds, the light goes off again and she steams perfectly. It makes no difference if I leave her heating up for steaming for over a minute to begin with, the sequence of diminishing steam then one minute to reheat is identical. I'm stumped.
Answered by techkathy
Fd1d660302c7ae9ecd77d4e05d780e42 Have you descaled the machine recently/frequently? If the machine is clean I would recommend replacing the thermostats. Given the age of the machine I would also recommend replacing the group gasket if you have not done so. Brew thermostat: RA-34200059 Steam thermostat: RA-34200055 Group gasket: RA-36301030 11-01-13 04:59PM
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