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I understand that the Cafiza tablets are mainly used to clean the brewgroup? I have a super automatic Gaggia Titanium. I cannot find instructions anywhere on the package. I also have the Cleancaf which I will use to descale. What is the difference and may I please have the instructions as to what to do with the tablets and how many to use?
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Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic April try these instructions from our website f your super automatic doesn’t have a cleaning program but does have a pre-ground coffee or bypass chute: Place a Cafiza(TM) tablet in the pre-ground coffee chute and place a cup under the coffee spout. Press the button corresponding to brewing with pre-ground coffee and allow the machine to go through a typical brewing cycle. Repeat this cycle a minimum of 3 additional times, but without adding more tablets to the machine. Then, remove the coffee dispensing unit and rinse it carefully using clean water. Before using the appliance again, prepare two cups of coffee by pressing the button corresponding to brewing with pre-ground coffee, but without adding any coffee, and then discard. If your super automatic does not have a cleaning program or a pre-ground coffee chute: Place one Cafiza(TM) Home tablet in a cup and fill it with hot water. Remove the coffee dispensing unit and clean the filters and the dispensing channel with the prepared cleaning solution using a sponge or a small brush. Let the solution take effect for at least five minutes, then repeat this operation a minimum of three times. Rinse the coffee dispensing unit thoroughly with clean water before reinstalling. To clean the drip tray, place a Cafiza(TM) Home tablet inside and fill it 2/3 full with hot water. Let the cleaning solution take effect for about 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 11-01-13 05:03PM
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