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Ok, I'm getting ready to upgrade my old Impressa E8, which I have dearly loved for years, I'm looking at the Z7 but I am concerned about the height of the doors to access the beans and water. The specs say the machine is 14.5 H can you tell me how much more the opened door adds? Also, how is this machine at making an americano coffee? Stacey Thompson
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C1a899e57fdc0bdcf558abdc77132f5b Stacey, With the doors open, the machine is about 18 inches tall. That gives you enough room to lift the water tank up and out when it is time to refill it. And yes, it makes great Americanos! The hot water spout is attached right onto the brew head, so once you are done brewing your espresso, you just scoot the cup over a little and add the hot water. 11-01-13 05:08PM
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