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I have owned my Accademia for four months. I descaled my machine yesterday same as always. Put everything back together. Today I can not make coffee over 6 ounces where it use to be much more. The tray next to the spent pucks is full of water. This is happening with every setting, less espresso, less cafe lungo etc. I have not changed any settings. I turned the machine off and then set it back to factory defaults and am still having problems. Suggestions?
Answered by Sanfam
0d219748120cdc26ee5d5603498f2d11 If you have a lot of water leaking into the drip tray, there are two key possibilities--First and foremost, check the grind! If the grind is too fine, water will skip the coffee and take the path of least resistance...right into the drip tray. Alternatively, try reducing the dose (the "bean" setting in the drink preferences) and attempt to brew again. Finally, don't forget to regularly and thoroughly clean the brew unit, making sure to lubricate the moving parts of it with a food-safe grease (the Gaggia-branded lubricant and PetroGel are both perfect choices!) 11-01-13 05:10PM
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