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I have a Saeco Sirena & I love my Capachino's in the AM & late evening. I'm in the market for another and have been looking for some time when I came across this machine on immediately went to Saeco to research. I'm on my 2nd machine in 15 yrs & Saeco has taken great care of me with any issue! how can you sell this machine for such low cost of buying it from Saeco & what is the difference in the 2 machines. . is there much comparison to this machine and the Sirena. Mine does not have the option to grind but my next one will. Thank you in advance.
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C1a899e57fdc0bdcf558abdc77132f5b Rhonda, I am glad you have had a great experience with Saeco! They make some great machines and have treated our customers very well when we have had to refer them. As far as the difference between the Sirena and the Vienna: The Sirena is a semi auto, while the Vienna is a Super Auto. Like you said, your next machine will grind the beans for you, and that is a key feature in a Super Auto machine. The best thing about any super auto is the consistency. You can bet you will get a solid shot time and time again, as it takes all human error out of the equation. A Semi Auto is going to give you more freedom to pull a great shot, but it requires a lot of time as you already know. 11-01-13 05:12PM
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