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hello all, i am looking at fully super-automatics at this time. i would like the sa to be able to do caffe crema. the machines looking at are the gaggia accademia and or the saeco exelsis. i also would like opinions on others. i love my espresso's and my americano with a little fat free froth.
Answered by mjackson
Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic Ronald, All the machines will be able to do a cafe Crema and make espresso. The two you have chosen are actually very similar. In my opinion they both make great espresso beacuse of the ceramic burrs, temperature control and the Aroma control feature. They also have a unique steam wand for the super autos that is much more traditional and will allow you to really texture the milk properly. You can also of course use the one step feature. The programming is very easy and intuitive as well. I would get the Gaggia as it is a great price and makes an amazing espresso. 11-01-13 05:17PM
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