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Hi-- it's really great to be able to ask questions, thanks in advance! I am a former barista, so I feel like my standards for a home machine are probably too high for my price range. I love that I can steam and brew at the same time with this machine. How does its quality compare with the Gaggia baby twin? (What I really want is an Expobar, but I've gotta be realistic). Thanks for any thoughts you can share on the best machine for a seasoned barista who loves the entire process of making espresso beverages!
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Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic Chelsea, Great question. This is the right machine if you like to brew and steam at the same time. It is a very good machine and I do think it has some of the same great qualities you woudl expect from the Gaggia. You may also want to look at the new Krups machine which is similar but has some more features that you may like as well. See here -http://www.wholelattelove.com/Krups/krups-xp618050-twin-thermoblock-semi-automatic-espresso-machine.cfm. Of course I think a Gaggia with a great grinder will give you very good shots and if you like lattes or mil drinks you will be happier withe the Krups or the Pasquini. Of course I do like the Expobar as well. If you are set on making a great drink get the Pasquini. 11-01-13 05:18PM
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