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I'm looking at getting a semi automatic machine. I'm trying to decide on this BES840XL or the BES860XL Barista Express. Basicly because they are in my price point and have several cool features. I have read that the 840 has a thurmocoil instead of a Thermoblock. Is this true for the whole product line? Also, do you think that the Breville Smart grinder paired with the 840 would work out better than the 860 with the built in grinder? I have read people have had issues with the grinder in the 860. I also like the hot water feature of the 840...
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C1a899e57fdc0bdcf558abdc77132f5b Scott, The "Thermocoil" is just a specific name for a kind of Thermoblock boiler. It's a different design with the same outcome as the 860. Both machines work well, and the built in grinder in the 860 is a cool feature. If you are planning on doing more than Espresso however, the SmartGrinder would be a good idea paired with the 840. 11-01-13 05:18PM
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