I have a steam wand isue with F x1. The wand is to short. I can hardly se anything when I froth. I know F do not have...

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I have a steam wand issue with FF x1. The wand is too short. I can hardly see anything when I froth. I know FF do not have any alternative, but do you guys know what else is compatilble and longer?? Thanks
Answered by Sanfam
0d219748120cdc26ee5d5603498f2d11 Unfortunately, we don't have much helpful information for the Francis Francis product line. Most of these products are supported directly by Illy USA--If there are any alternative parts available, they would likely know what these are--I would advise visiting their website at http://illyusa.com for more details about how to contact them. 11-01-13 05:19PM
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