I received a Gagia Baby Twin Machine for Christmas. I have ben experimenting with the diferent basket filters that...

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I received a Gaggia Baby Twin Machine for Christmas. I have been experimenting with the different basket filters that came with it. It has the Single and Double Pressurized filter basket and a regular Double Shot filter basket. (No Single Shot or Pod Filter. :( ). Anyway, No matter what basket, grind or tamp pressure I try the Porta Filter is always sloppy full of water after making the shot. Is this correct for this machine? I was expecting when using the regular "Barista Style" basket I would end up with drier puck like remains. I have dribbled quite alot of coffee across the countertop when emptying the filter. Thanks in advance for your response.
Answered by Sanfam
0d219748120cdc26ee5d5603498f2d11 While a damp or wet puck is to be expected when using the pressurized filter baskets, it is typically symptomatic of either too fine a grind/too much tamping pressure or, alternatively, too coarse a grind/too little tamping pressure. In either case, the puck is dried out when the highly pressurized water behind it is drained into the drip tray through the 3-way solenoid. With the pressurized filter basket and too densely packed a puck, air can't flow back through the coffee fast enough to drain it of water. With too little tamping pressure, there simply isn't any suction or pressure to let that happen. I hope this long winded reply helps! 11-01-13 05:27PM
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