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What are the two water temperatures at which the coffee can be brewed? What is the temperature at which the milk is steamed?
Answered by mjackson
B6c4ba4e538ca03c9bf1026f28a139bd Giovanna, The brew temperature will be between 180- 188 degrees. It does brew a warm cup of coffee. It does of course depend on if it is your first or second cup and any adjustments you make. The milk temp will depend a lot on what temperature your milk is at before steaming. It should get to around 140 degrees if your milk is at a cold temperature, if it is warmed up to about 50-55 degrees first it will be at a more desirable temperature of closer to 150. But the reviews have been good on the quality of the microfoam. I hope this helps. 11-01-13 05:28PM
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