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plugged a gaggia mdf which I bought from whole latte love during thanksgiving with 110V into a 220V socket and I suspect that fuse may have blown. please help, new machine that i hope to repair myself.
Answered by Sanfam
0d219748120cdc26ee5d5603498f2d11 While it's possible the fuse may have blown, it's also possible that the motor may have been damaged by the higher-than-expected current. The machine can be opened by removing the four screws from the lower base, then removing the fuse from a black holder mounted to the motor's control board. These fuses are presently available from Radio Shack, listed as Part Number 270-1052 (Fast-Acting Style). For this sort of service, I would advise calling into the Technical Support department to discuss how to resolve it safely if you have any concerns. 11-01-13 05:29PM
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