I am loking for hot cofe and expreso, but their sems to be litle data on the temperature of the liquid coming from...

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I am looking for hot coffee and expresso, but their seems to be little data on the temperature of the liquid coming from these machines. My neighbor bought this machine, and I taste tested the the long coffee at the high temperature setting (there are three). The maximum temperature of the coffee was 160 degrees F. I like my coffee over 170 closer to 180. Is there any machine that produces hotter coffee? Where can see the specs on this? (PS: I know I can inject steam in to the coffee after brew, but, this seems to reduce the advantage of the "superautomatic" does it not?)
Pete: I completely understand that desire for hot coffee - I am the same way you are. The Gaggia Titanium in our testing brewed between 175°-185°F, and has three programmable buttons that you can set up any way you wish. The product can be found here:
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