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What is the process or proceduse for cleaning the boiler on the Livietta? How often should it be cleaned? We make 50-75 cups per month. City tap water used.
Answered by Sanfam
0d219748120cdc26ee5d5603498f2d11 As far as any machine with a Heat Exchanger-style boiler is concerned, I wouldn't worry about trying to descale the boiler in the life of the machine. Typically speaking, you want to remove the entire boiler from the machine to properly decalcify it, as it is somewhat difficult (from a practical standpoint) to properly drain descaling solution and loosened mineral sediment from a boiler with it in place and fully hooked up. Additionally, the boilers are enormous, having more than enough surface area to accomodate for the permanent accumulation of a thin layer of scale along the sides over the lifetime of the machine without negative impacting its performance. 11-01-13 05:34PM
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