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Why can't I use the urnex coffee grinder cleaner on a superautomatic and just flush it out afterwards?
Answered by Whole Latte Love
Cfc8bcfda589c3c039110e268e6c92d0 Robert, Yes, you can run it through your superauto. Just clear out all the beans, then put the GrindZ in the bean hopper, hit one of the brew buttons and before the water starts to pump, turn off the machine at the power switch. When you turn the machine back on it will cycle the GrindZ into the dregs box. Go ahead and clean that out and rinse out the brew unit. You can then repeat if necessary or put the beans back in and brew. GrindZ is food-safe as well, so it will not harm you if there are any particles left. Thank you. 11-01-13 05:35PM
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