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Is the Rancilio Pod-Adapter Kit only for use with the newly designed Miss Sylvia machine? I have an older machine, which looks very much like the same unit (changes appear to be cosmetic only). Please let me know. Thanks!
Answered by Whole Latte Love
Cfc8bcfda589c3c039110e268e6c92d0 David, The pod kit for the Rancilio Silvia only works in the newest version (the "V2"). If your machine has a drip grid that has the same size holes over the entire surface of it, you have the version that can not use the new pod kit. The V2 has a different pattern on the drip grid. On the steam wand side there is a curved pattern of holes. on the brew side is a circle of slits. 11-01-13 05:35PM
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