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What is the advantage of a grinder with a doser? Will it allow me to choose the "dose size" or am I locked into what it provides as a "dose?" Will it allow me to adjust the size of the dose (of course within the limits of the size that can be accomodated by the machine)?
Answered by Whole Latte Love

The doser will measure grinds out at 7 grams at a time. This is enough for one espresso shot. This is a fixed number you can not adjust the amount in each dose. However, I don't really use the doser for "measuring", I pull the doser handle until I have enough coffee to fill the basket just below the top. I scrape off any excess back into the doser for the next shot. The Non-doser version of the Rancilio Rocky is a popular seller that just directs the ground coffee into the filter basket.

11-01-13 05:35PM
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