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After 2 years of use, it is taking longer to heat and froth milk. What once was 50 to 60 seconds is now 75 to 80 seconds. I have cleaned the brew head regularly, but cannot find any instructions on cleaning or descaling the boiler, etc. What steps should I take? Thanks
Answered by Whole Latte Love
Cfc8bcfda589c3c039110e268e6c92d0 You should not decalcify machines that have heat exchanger boilers. Due to the design of the boiler, it would be nearly impossible to remove all of the decalcifying solution short of removing the boiler from the machine and taking it apart yourself - this is not recommended. The best thing you can do to keep your machine clean is to backflush it. This is a simple process that removes coffee oils and residues from the brew group through the solenoid valve. I have provided a link below to our article on backflushing so that you can learn more. In addition, I have linked to Urnex Cafiza and Backflush discs, both of which are necessary for backflushing. 11-01-13 05:36PM
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