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How do I get decalsified water. I do not like the taste of softened water, and I don't have a softener anyway. Can I use Britta water?
Answered by Whole Latte Love
Cfc8bcfda589c3c039110e268e6c92d0 Decalcified water is softened water, and the best way to get it for use with your Expobar is to either use the water softener that came with the machine or purchase the Rancilio softener that we carry. Although Brita filtered water does have a better taste than hard water, it only filters out chlorine and odors, so it won’t do much to soften, or decalcify, your water. To learn more about our Rancilio water softener, please follow the link below. 11-01-13 05:41PM
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