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Can a person make a cup of regular coffee with these machines if they wanted? Would that be a waste of coffee or would it be a good cup of coffee?
Answered by Whole Latte Love
Cfc8bcfda589c3c039110e268e6c92d0 Although an espresso machine can’t make traditional drip coffee, it can make 2 things that are very similar: cafe americano and cafe crema. An americano is simply a double shot of espresso with an added 6 to 8 oz of hot water. Although it sounds like it may taste watery, the concentrated flavor of the espresso blends with the water perfectly for a full-bodied flavor. The cafe crema, on the other hand, is 6 to 8 oz of water pressure brewed through grounds that are coarser than you would normally use to brew espresso. The coarser grind prevents over-extraction to produce a thick, rich coffee that tastes great. In fact, both of these options are so flavorful that most coffee drinkers drop the drip forever after their first taste. For more information on the types of drinks you can make with an espresso machine, follow the link below to our article on the subject. 11-01-13 05:42PM
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