Can you give any coments on warm up time for this machine? I'm loking for a semi-auto machine that heats up quickly...

Can you give any comments on warm up time for this machine? I'm looking for a semi-auto machine that heats up quickly and easily froths milk for cappuccino. I've looked at Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia. It seems several reviewers mention the Silvia takes some time to warm up.
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The heat-up time for the Expobar is going to be about 15 minutes, whereas the Silvia and Classic average around 6 minutes. The time it takes a machine to heat up is directly related to how large its boiler is - the larger the boiler, the longer the heat-up time - which is why there’s such a disparity between the Silvia and the Expobar. Any of these machines will work well to produce the cappuccino you’re looking for, but if you’re really concerned with the heat-up time, the Silvia may be more suited for you than the Expobar.

Information like the heat-up time can be found for any of the espresso machines we carry by following the link below to our Compare-O-Matic.
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