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We are going to run a line from under the sink, thru a cartridge filter to the IV-R. What diameter lne needs to be ran to supply this espresso maker? What fitting should be on the end of the line?

Answered by Sanfam

As the flow rate required by this machine is relatively low, you'd be ok with 1/4" hose feeding the machine.  We supply all machines with a brass adapter that converts the 3/8" female BSP fitting to a more usable 3/8" male Flare fitting.

12-18-13 07:11PM
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Answered by brianw

Is there an installation manual available in english that provides instructions to a plummer for maiking the water supply available? Maybe a drawing or picture of an installation? It seems that water supplies for ice makers, etc are in boxes behind the fridge and this will be a supply line behind a cabinet or backsplash. How are the lines brought up so they look good and are secure?

12-23-13 12:30PM
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