Charging for the 1st time

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Tried to pour salt water solutino into the mesh part of the water softener, but the liquid just sit there.

It doesn't "flow freely" as descrbed in the istruction.

Should I try to force water through the softener? Would submerging the unit in a water first help?





Answered by techkathy

Is the filter dry?  Try soaking it in a salt water solution to moisten it.  You can also get a length of tubing and attach it to the end to create a siphon.  

12-18-13 05:32PM
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Answered by yukit

I soaked the filter in water first, but moistire wasn't penetrating into the filter.

I ended up sucking the water through the filter; that helped the salt water to drip through the filter better.

Once i figured enough salt water has gone through the filter, I rinsed with regular water, attached the filter in the water tank.

I have been using the coffee machine for a few days now; the pump suction seem to work fine.

I will try recharging the filter in a few weeks to see if the salt water penetration is better.


12-23-13 12:25AM
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