Gaggia MDF or something else?

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Hi all. We are looking for some buying advice. We are considering the Gaggia MDF grinder, but also the Breville Smart, and Baratza Virtuoso Preciso (possibly refurb). We will use the grinder almost exclusively for espresso. We have a Gaggia Baby we got from WLL last month. (not to make it more challenging, but if I could get a Rancilio Rocky refurb, I'd consider that as well.) Thanks in advance for your insight!

Answered by John Seymour

I used the Gaggia MDF with my Gaggia New Baby for over a year. It is a great little grinder. You can get a good grind for espresso with it. The others I have no experience with. I would say read the reviews of the different grinders on the Whole Latte Love website and get the best grinder you can afford. The grind is very important for great espresso.

03-23-14 10:19AM
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