My wife and I both noticed an oddity about these beans.  We bought the Lavazza 3 bag sample pack and LOVED the Pienaroma. We both slowed our espresso drinking after filling our machine with this bean (Super Crema).  We weren't sure why and kept trying to figure it out.  We finally just decided we didn't like the bean and cleaned out the machine.  After emptying the bean hopper, we realized our issue.  The hopper smelled like an old ash tray.  Another smell of the remaining Super Crema beans clicked in our minds and smelled like cigarette smoke.  I'm assuming this isn't normal and was NOT the case of the Pienaroma.  We replaced the Super Crema with the Gold Selection and have found the same smell/taste is there.  I cleaned out the hopper/grinder and ran about six shots before actually making a latte.  Has anybody else found a cigarette smoky/ashy taste/smell with this bean?  


That is a very odd circumstance, and not something I have heard before.  If that does occur again, please contact our Customer Service team.

Posted by: Maggie on 06-13-14 04:01PM
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