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A friend of mine recently purchased a used, Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine. The sender did not include a few of the parts/accessories and was just wondering where I could get them. One of the parts that did not come with the machine is the ginder adjustment key. Can I order the key online somewhere?? The second thing that is missing is the bypass doser coffee scoop. I do not need a replacement for this but am wondering how many grams of coffee to use in the bypass doser? Thanks in advance for the help!


The grinder adjustment key for the Platinum machines is actually on the end of the pre-ground coffee scoop that comes with it for use with the bypass doser.  However, we do have them available for purchase.  The part number is GA-146680850, and the cost is $6.32 each plus S&H.  To order, please contact Technical Support at 1-888-411-5282, option 3.  

Posted by: Maggie on 06-12-14 04:49PM
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