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Our Gaggia is about 1 year old.   After making the coffee, the coffee holder is extremely moist and still has water in it. Before, it was relatively dry.  Also, the ready indicator oftens goes off after it is on. I am wondering if the water is not getting hot enough or the pressure is not strong enough when we are making the coffee. What are we to do?

Answered by techkathy

Have you descaled the machien recently?  Give the group head a good cleaning and descale.  This should help clear up the solenoid valve.

07-03-14 01:17PM
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Answered by DT

I did give the group head a cleaning but it did not help. I guess the next step is to give it a good descaling. I will proivde an update on how goes after the descaling.

07-14-14 06:13PM
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