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I got a great deal from you on a refurbished Gaggia Titanium unit. Worked great in making lattes for the first 70 cups. For the last 4 however, the milk steamer has been behaving differently, no longer making a nice head of froth. There *is* steam coming out (and I can't tell if it's less steam or less hot than before), but the milk gets warmed up and stays flat, and while I keep waiting for froth to build up, I "burn" the milk and and the end result tastes awful. I cleaned up the steamer, I don't think there are any obstructions. Any suggestions? Btw we have softened and filtered drinking water, so there is no mineral build up in the water works.


Answered by Todd Salzman

There could be there easy to fix problems that cause this.  First, there is a small air intake hole on the stainless steel fothing sleeve.  It is located about 1/4" blow the top of the sleeve.  Locate this hold and clean it out.   Second, make sure the center part of the frothing sleeve is pushed all the way down.  Use a something such as a chop stick to push it down from the top opening of the frothing sleeve.  Third, make sure the wand on the machine is clean so that when the steam exits the machine is comes straight out. If it comes out sideways it will no work properly.

08-31-14 10:33AM
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Answered by Schizoid Man

Sure enough there is a very tiny vent hole I never noticed, and it was plugged up with dry milk residue. Cleaning this out worked like a charm, great tip, thanks very much!!! Note that this is so small that a pointed toothpick or a paper clip were too blunt, I had to use a sewing needle...

08-31-14 06:43PM
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