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Friday Shots: Maromas Orphea on Profitec Pro 500 HX

WOW! This is one of our favorites so far. If you love espresso you must try Maromas Orphea. Incredible long-lasting crema and a wonderful chocolate finish. A new shot most every Friday. A close-up look at an extraction start to finish with all the details on coffee used, grinder, dose machine...


First Day with my Baby Twin

Blame it on a bad movie. My wife and I loved going to the local coffee shop for our coffee drinks made by summer job teenagers. We didn't know any better, but the scenes in Green Hornet where Kato (sp?) pulled out his James Bond style espresso machine and poured a rosetta in a 3 oz. cup,...

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by: Nate (♥0) | Dec 30, 2013


Question by Robin J.

Will this grinder do Turkish grind?

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by: robinadair (♥0) | Sep 26, 2013


Question by Mitchell K.

I've been using this grinder for about five years both to grind espresso and brewed coffee. Then today it suddenly stopped working properly. It's making an uneven, unusual noise, and grinding very finely. The grind isn't dropping into the hopper, but staying in burrs, then finally drops out in...

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by: Mitchell (♥0) | Jul 27, 2013


Question by Reva M.

Trying to decide between the virtuoso and the rancilo rocky. There is a big price difference - but I ordered the virtuoso (from somewhere else) and it arrived dead out of the box! I returned it and was so disappointed that I've been trying to look for a different grinder at a similar price point....

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by: ChewieM (♥35) | Apr 06, 2013


Question by Frank W.

I have been using a Capresso Infinity grinder for a few years and have no real complaints. It is kind of loud and sometimes there is static but the static seems to vary with the beans. I am going to retire the one I have from everyday use and use it for the occasional pot of decaf. I have been...

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by: Frank (♥5) | Mar 15, 2013

Baratza Brand by Whole Latte Love

Get an up close and personal look at the Baratza brand with Whole Latte Love. Kyra from Baratza also tells us what someone new to coffee should look for in a grinder. See and Buy Baratza grinders here: Focused solely on designing, manufacturing, and...


Question by Rugile V.

I have Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder and I using that grinder two years. Couple days ago grinder stop working. When I push pulse button the motor working but cone burr not rotate. What can be a problem? Thanks

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by: Rugile (♥5) | Mar 07, 2013


Question by darin h.

I like to make cold brew coffee with a coarse grind. I use a $20.00 krups grinder and the consistency of the coffee grinded is lacking. Would the Baratza give me consistency through out the whole grinded coffee? Would this be overkill and something less expensive would also serve this purpose?

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by: darin (♥5) | Dec 17, 2012


Question by John M.

I'm using a Capresso burr grinder and am tired of the mess from dust and static. I'm only doing drip coffee - what are the advantages of this Baratza unit over the Encore? Thanks!

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by: John (♥20) | Dec 11, 2012

How To Re-Calibrate a Baratza Grinder

If your grinder is not producing a fine enough grind for espresso, or the course grind is producing too many fines in your cup of French Press re-calibrating your grinder may help. This step-by-step guide shows you how to re-calibrate your Baratza grinder to finer or courser starting point. It...

Baratza Encore Grinder

Features like a weighted base, 40 individual grind settings, a new 2nd generation gearbox (GB2.0), efficient DC motor, and a combination of electric and gear speed reducers to slow the burr revolutions to 450 RPM keeping the grounds cool and avoiding static build up, make the Encore a wise choice...

Baratza Esatto Grinder Attachment from Whole Latte Love

Mark from explains the new Baratza Esatto, an innovative attachment that will let you operate your grinder using real-time, weight-based controls. Compatible with the Maestro Plus, Virtuoso and Preciso grinders,the Esatto is designed for precision; it can grind and dose the...

Mike Compares the Baratza Virtuoso Grinder & Virtuoso Preciso

Join Mike as he compares the Baratza Virtuoso Grinder to the Virtuoso Preciso. He will go over the main features of each to help you decide which is the best for you.


Question by Brian C.

Hi, is the hopper of the Baratza Virtuoso designed to actually store whole beans for several days? Thanks!

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by: Brian (♥0) | May 10, 2006


Question by Scott P.

I have a Gaggia Classic. Which would be a better grinder -- Baratza Virtuoso or Gaggia MDF?

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by: Scott (♥0) | Mar 13, 2006


Question by R Scott M.

I am looking for a quality coffee grinder, primarily for making espresso with my Gaggia machine. I am considering the Solis Maestro Plus and the Baratza Virtuoso. Do you think the Baratza is worth the additional $?

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by: R Scott (♥0) | Mar 01, 2006


Question by GEOFF H.

Is this grinder dual voltage ?

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by: GEOFF (♥0) | Feb 08, 2006