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Bodum Travel Mugs

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Ashley from Bodum shows Whole Latte Love the portable and stylish Travel Mugs.The Bodum Travel Mug is available in 12 as well as 15-ounce sizes and comes in a variety of colors including: black, red, green, white and orange. 12 oz.: 15oz.:

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Bodum Brand by Whole Latte Love

  Whole Latte Love        Accessories

Ashley from Bodum tells Whole Latte Love about the brand and the history of Bodum. Having produced over 50 million French presses since 1974, Bodum has introduced each generation to the art of making the finest espresso and quality coffee drinks. Bodum has focused on creating products for everyday life that are beautifully simple, starting with their Santos Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker in 1958. They have continued to blend style with function in a full line of French presses, grinders,...

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  DanielCulver (105 pts)        Sep 21, 2014

The photo doesn't show a closeup of the lid and I am wondering just how it works? Is it easy to use or cumbersome? How well does the coffee flow out of the mug into my mouth?

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