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Bodum Signature Double Walled Glasses

Ashley from Bodum shows Whole Latte Love the new additions to their line of signature double walled glasses. Find Bodum products here:

Bodum Brand by Whole Latte Love

Ashley from Bodum tells Whole Latte Love about the brand and the history of Bodum. Having produced over 50 million French presses since 1974, Bodum has introduced each generation to the art of making the finest espresso and quality coffee drinks. Bodum has focused on creating products for...

A Closer Look At The Espresso Cup

There are some pretty impressive gourmet restaurants out there. At times, the food may be debatable, but the presentation is always impeccable. Great chefs know that a part of the culinary experience lies in the table service. You just don't serve a gourmet meal on disposable plates. And, so...