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Tailgating Must Haves - Are You Ready For Some Coffee?

With football season in full swing, we’ve got your tailgating coffee essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or are simply on the go, you’ll be able to prepare your own beverages with little hassle. In the Car Pack the Handpresso Auto, Outdoor Set, and ESE pods for hot...

Question by Larry E.

Please let me know the height of this 5oz mug. Thanks

Question by Larry E.

Dishwasher Safe?

Question by Jeff C.

what is the height?

Camping With Coffee

Deep in the woods, the stars above, and the hard ground underneath. Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again. When we throw ourselves at nature's mercy, risking exposure, bear attacks, and poor cell reception in the name of character-building outdoorsy fun. That's right, it's time, yet...

New From Bodum!

I'm always excited when I get to write about new items, which is why I was really jazzed, this week, when we got some new stuff from Bodum. First are a pair of new pair of French presses, the Crema and the Eileen.The elegant Crema is a classic example of Bodum's intelligent and...

Bodum Signature Double Walled Glasses

Ashley from Bodum shows Whole Latte Love the new additions to their line of signature double walled glasses. Find Bodum products here:

Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker

Ashley from Bodum shows Whole Latte Love the Bodum Travel Press. Perfect for brewing coffee on the go! Buy here:

Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Pot

Ashley from Bodum tells Whole Latte Love about the Pebo Vaccum Coffee Pot. Buy it here: The contents of the Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker, including the coffee grounds, water, and filter, are completely vacuum-sealed to trap and preserve the...

Bodum Brand by Whole Latte Love

Ashley from Bodum tells Whole Latte Love about the brand and the history of Bodum. Having produced over 50 million French presses since 1974, Bodum has introduced each generation to the art of making the finest espresso and quality coffee drinks. Bodum has focused on creating products for...

Question by Caryl S.

I found this product on for $29.99. How do I order it at that price since you state that you match prices?

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder: What's Brewing #25

Buy here: Make the most of your coffee with the Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder. Beneath its bold exterior lies durable 35mm steel burrs, capable of delivering freshly ground coffee and espresso for your every need. Great for daily...

NEW Bodum Presso Coffee Storage Jars: What's Brewing #13

Morgan takes a look at the new Bodum Presso storage jars available at Whole Latte Love.. These fun colored containers come in 3 different sizes: 64 ounce: 34 ounce:...

Bodum Bistro Thermo Jug: What's Brewing #35

Available here: The Bodum Bistro 37oz Thermo Jug is such an elegant visual experience that you will want to leave it in plain view at all times even when it is not in use. Its graceful swooping shape accents any décor. And it...

Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder: What's Brewing #32

The Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Grinder is an economical solution for the large household that grinds fresh coffee everyday and brews 8 to 12 cups at a time. The transparent lid lets you visually observe the grind fineness. The compact Danish designed grinder is easy to maintain and keep clean....

Bodum Bistro Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker: What's Brewing #37

In designing the Bodum Bistro 40oz Electric Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker the engineers at Bodum took a fresh look at drip coffee making. Starting with the removable water reservoir, a powerful spiral heating element and glass tubing deliver the brew water to a plastic and silicone shower head...

Question by Dianne L.

I need a new lid for the 12 cup vacuum pot. How do I get one?

Question by charlotte p.

Yesterday the upper part of my Santos was destroyed, so I wonder if it is possible just to buy that part?