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How To Choose An Espresso Machine

If you would like to know a little about the many types of espresso machines we sell, this would be a good video to get you started. This video covers the machines we sell and based on your lifestyle, what you like to drink, and ease of use. It will give you an overview of different espresso...

Question by Ursel J.

Is this machine all steel or are there aluminum parts? Are there all stainless steel machines out there?

Question by laurie johnson j.

With the filtration system does this machine still need to be decalcified everyone in a while?

Question by jason t.

What are the differences between the Bosch Benvenuto B20 and B30?

Question by Eben G.

I can't figure out if either of the Bosch Benvenuto machines include a water line-in hookup. Do they? If not, do you carry a similar machine that includes a grinder and water line?

Question by Craig H.

What are the dimensions of the Benvenuto B20 machine?

Question by Deborah B.

Which Claris water filter should I buy as a replacement for my Bosch machine? I do not have the original anymore. Also, which cleaning tablets should I purchase?

Question by Leslie L.

I recently bought the Bosch Benvenuto B20 and am very satisfied with the purchase. I am using the Claris water filter, but I cannot find anywhere in my instructions what number the filter should be set on. There is a dial on the filter with the numbers 1-10. Can someone enlighten me?

Question by David B.

Is this the TCA6001UC or the TCA6301UC?

Question by Paul G.

Interested in either Bosch Benvenuto B 20 or Saeco V'spresso Automatic Machines. Based on your experience which one would you recommend based on quality and value.