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Question by Verna J. V.

I am interested in the Benvenuto B30, however, I need to know the dimensions and the weight.

Question by Steve C.

I am having a problem with my Bosch B30. The beans aren't feeding into the grinder. I have to tamp the beans down each time I want to brew. The machine is on a perfectly flat surface so that is not a problem. The ramps to the grinder seem relatively clean (no oily residue). Any suggestions?

Question by Paul K.

I have a Bosch Porsche coffee maker. The screw in plate at the bottom of the thermal carafe has cracked. How do I order a new plate?

Question by Therese R.

Does the Bosch Benvenuto B30 brew only 1 cup of coffee or does it have to brew 2?

Question by Zachary H.

I was just wondering how long it takes in total the process of start to finish. I need something that works fairly quick. (about 30 seconds at most).

Question by Bodie C.

One question...what are the dimensions?

Question by Bodie C.

I am between this machine and the Gaggia Evolution. The Evolution looks like it is made out of more metal, also customer reviews assure me that it is a dependable and a good performer. I am a little worried about the perfomance of the Bosch. I love the way the Bosch looks but performance is...

Question by Bodie C.

What happens if it breaks, can it be serviced in the U.S.?

Question by Jeannette d.

Can you do tea in the hopper?

Question by Steve C.

After brewing a shot for a neighbor with my Bosch B30, he pointed out the drink temp was luke warm. I later confirmed this by brewing one for myself. I checked the temperature setting and it was set on "high". I have changed the setting on the machine to maximum, and the shot temp is now...

Question by Chris P.

Question about the Bosch Porsche Thermal (and other makers in general). The Bosch is one of the few makers that spec out the brewing temperature (200F). This afternoon, a sales type was arguing that a lower temperature brew yielded a smoother, less raw result. I imagine there are arguments...

Question by MATTHEW C.

I did a compare on this machine with another and under "stop and serve" (pause and pour), it says 'yes', you can remove the carafe mid brew and pour a cup and it won't spill, but the reviewer says this is not the case and he had a mess when he tried it. Does this machine have 'pause and pour' or...

Question by Neil P.

Where and or how can I order more double shot filter baskets for this unit?

Question by Guillaume I.

I was wondering if this super automatic will support 110/220 Voltage. If no, would you know which super automatic do support 100-240V ?