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Question by Ty A.

I am looking at grinders anything for my Breville double boiler, what about the breville smartgrind, Rocky and Baratza models are just a tad more than I expected to spend. Thoughts?

Question by Reva M.

Trying to decide between this grinder and the baratza virtuoso 586 mainly for espresso. how do they compare?

Question by Daniel L.

I like a dark french roast for morning drip and espresso for afternoon and evening. Will the Brevill BCG800XL likely be OK with both? I'm mainly concerned about having to clean the burrs frequently due to the more oily dark roast which according to some reviewers claim clog them.

Question by Nancy A.

I just tried my BCG800XL for the first time -- total failure. The beans are dropping down out of the hopper into the grinding area, and it makes grinding noises, but no grounds are coming out. I've followed the instructions several times for taking it apart and trying to dislodge a blockage, but...

Breville Smart Grinder

What makes the Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder so smart? Its intuitive functionality, for starters. When you adjust the grind setting, the BCG800XL will automatically change the grinding duration, using Dosing IQ Technology, to ensure that you get the proper coffee volume. With stainless steel...