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Do we know what the brewing water temperature is for this item?

I would like a thoughtful review of this machine and to understand if the brewing water temprature is.  

Question by K G.

Does this coffee maker use a conical or flat burr grinder?

Question by trevor s.

Can someone tell me an approximate brew temperature or highest temp? I have looked at other coffee pots that say 200ish is the perfect temperature to get all the flavors out of the coffee and the reviews seems to concur with that. Just want to know what they state for this one or if it has been...

Question by Stephen C.

When I do a compare on the Breville 600 and the 550 the 550 gets all 5's for ratings while the 600 gets ------ Dashes whats up with that?

Question by Tony G.

I have read a lot about how noisy the grinder on this unit is. Really, how loud is a grinder? Is it what you normally would expect where is it like a chainsaw? Thanks!

Question by Andre M.

How hot does it brew? A hot as the Capresso Coffee Team Plus Thermal? Hotter?

Question by Ryan T.

brew time for full pot

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NEW Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Coffee Maker: What's Brewing #4

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