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New Brew: Breville Knock Boxes & Water Filters

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love show you new products from Breville. The perfect additions to your Breville espresso machine! Knock Box: Knock Box Mini:...

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Updated to further address the needs and wants of the home espresso drinker, Breville has improved the BES920XL Dual Boiler espresso machine so that it no longer meets but exceeds the "Gold Standard" for making great espresso. Buy it here:...

Question by Robert L.

I am using a Breville BES840XL since I gave my Gaggia Classic to my daughter. I can always get a single shot right in the proper range but no matter how hard I try I cannot get the same result with the double shot, double wall basket. I use Lavazza Black preground. The double shot always stays...

Question by K G.

Does this coffee maker use a conical or flat burr grinder?

Question by Zack G.

Is this grinder that is built into the machine as good as the breville smart grinder?

Question by Zack G.

Is this grinder that is built into the machine as good as the breville smart grinder?

Question by Andrea R.

Where is this machine made? Of what material is the boiler made? (The page for this machine does not have the usual specifications tab.)

Question by Tom T.

Just received this machine along with the Baratza Virtuoso Preciso grinder from you guys today. I just love the look & feel of the Breville, and so far, so good with it's use, as well as with the Baratza. One question - do you have a recommendation for the grinder setting on the Baratza for...

Question by Ty A.

Can you recommend a grinder to pair with this machine? I have a Cuisinart CBM-18 and I have read that this won't grind fine enough for this machine. Although it worked ok with the Saeco, but that's with a pressurized portafilter. Any recommendations?

Question by Ty A.

How long have you guys been selling this machine? In your experience, how reliable is this machine? I am looking for a new machine and this one really interests me with all the features. I have been using a Saeco Aroma (Starbucks Equivalent) for almost 8 years now and think I am ready to graduate...

Question by trevor s.

Can someone tell me an approximate brew temperature or highest temp? I have looked at other coffee pots that say 200ish is the perfect temperature to get all the flavors out of the coffee and the reviews seems to concur with that. Just want to know what they state for this one or if it has been...

Question by Phillip S.

I'm looking for a decent brew-style coffee machine as our faithful Cuisinart is now on it's last few brews after several years of daily abuse in our household. My wife and I guzzle approx. 10 cups between us by 7 am... Then if our darling eldest son decides to get out of his 3-hour 300 gallon...

Question by Mike M.

Does WLL have a bottomless Portafilter that will fit and can I get a 3 or 4 shot filter? I like this unit, works very well. I hope it does hold up. I have been able to pull some great shots using the Breville smart grinder. Roast my own in a cafe gene and have the roasting profile dial in. I...

Question by scott s.

I was considering going with the Alex Duetto III, but concerns about having to move a 75lb machine from underneath my cabinet to be able to refill the water tank gave me pause. I started reading about the Breville Dual Boiler and am very intrigued. Looking to be able to pull a great shot of...

Question by Stephen C.

When I do a compare on the Breville 600 and the 550 the 550 gets all 5's for ratings while the 600 gets ------ Dashes whats up with that?

Question by Tony G.

I have read a lot about how noisy the grinder on this unit is. Really, how loud is a grinder? Is it what you normally would expect where is it like a chainsaw? Thanks!

Question by Scott P.

I'm looking at getting a semi automatic machine. I'm trying to decide on this BES840XL or the BES860XL Barista Express. Basicly because they are in my price point and have several cool features. I have read that the 840 has a thurmocoil instead of a Thermoblock. Is this true for the whole product...

Question by Andre M.

How hot does it brew? A hot as the Capresso Coffee Team Plus Thermal? Hotter?