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Question by sharon a.

how does this compare to the BUNN thermal coffee maker?

Bunn My Cafe MCU

Accommodate all of your brewing preferences with the Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer. Featuring the ability to brew ground coffee, pods, K-Cups, and dispense hot water for instant coffee, tea, oatmeal, etc. the MCU does it all. Its versatility comes from its four interchangeable, front...

Question by Donald L.

Does The Bunn NHB coffeemaker grind Whole Beans internally?

Question by Mike D.

I was curious about the Bunn BT10. Is the thermal carafe stainless steel inside and out? I would be interested to know if you have a drip brewing machine that has a thermal carafe that is porcelain or glass lined?

Question by Barbara W.

My Bunn coffee maker is leaking a small amount of water down the side of the water tank. It leaves a small pool on the counter. It is abut three years old. A great coffee maker other wise. I clean it like I was told. What do I need to do?????

Question by harry b.

My son's bunn coffeepot shorted and burned. How do we get it replaced?

Question by Lauren S.

I've read the reviews and it appears that everyone is using paper filters. Is there a gold filter that works in the Bunn?

Question by Lisa H.

I would like to know how nosiy it is and what watts of power of the motor.

Question by jacqueline e.

Does the bunn coffee grinder,grind fine for espresso coffee?

Question by Patrick W.

You have a Bunn grinder BCG. Is it high or low speed,gear reduction or direct drive?

Question by Karen O.

I have a Bunn Coffee Maker that I love. However, the drip is getting real slow because it needs to be cleaned. I have misplaced the cleaning tool. How do I go about getting a new tool and instructions.

Question by Stephanie B.

Can I order Just the coffee cup/pot seperate rather than the whole machine. I broke my cup/pot and I need a new one.

Question by Barb C.

I am looking for a reliable coffee grinder that is good at doing a course grind for my french press. The Bunn appears to be a reliable workhorse but I've read it's grind settings only are only in the range suitable for drip coffee makers. Would it's coursest setting produce the grind I want for...

Question by Sharon S.

My (limited) past experience with thermal carafes hasn't been pleasant... the coffee becomes tepid with an hour (even when the carafe is primed with hot water). I am looking at getting either the Bunn NHB or the Bunn BT10 to serve as an everyday machine (whilst I save up for the Super Automatic...

Question by Janine F.

Can this grinder be used to grind poppyseeds?