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Capresso Coffee a la Carte Cup to Carafe Coffee & Tea Maker

Jodi from Capresso shows Whole Latte Love the Coffee a la Carte at the IHS in Chicago. Buy it here: The Jura - Capresso Coffee a la Carte™ Cup-to-Carafe® Coffee & Tea Maker is...

Jura-Capresso Brand by Whole Latte Love

David from Jura talks to Whole Latte Love about the brand. Jura-Capresso has focused on producing espresso machines that provide the utmost in quality and innovation. Forged as a union between Swiss-born Jura and US Capresso, the company has been making historic products ever since its inception...

Question by Neil G.

As I was brewing a cofee I heard a loud pop noise and then water started leaking out from the bottom of the machine. Also the cofee coming out of the spout practically stoped.

Question by John B.

After about a year of almost daily use, my machine is leaking when I make the espresso coffee - leaking from around the device where you put the coffee and lock into the main machine. I put it in, turn it all the way to the right and lock in, turn on the pump and for a few seconds, the espresso...

Question by Robert H.

I have a capresso mt500. The gold tone filter is at the end of its life. I tried buying a replacement only to discover the general "fits all" ones aren't the same size. Where can I get a proper replacement?

Question by kate r.

I have a 12 cup coffee pot and it's broken. What is the # to get a new one?

Question by Carol J.

When grinding, the machine whirls, but the beans aren't dropping to grind. With a light tap, it goes again. We were wondering if the top can be totally removed to get a good cleaning, or if you recognize another problem with this process? We love the coffee maker and have had it several years...

Question by sergio g.

I own a Capresso EspressoPro Espresso Machine and the little black robber ring (group gasket ?) broke.Where can I find a new part??

Question by karim l.

what are the dimensions of the Capresso ST600 coffee maker?

Question by joanna g.

The gasket in the filter basket is missing- where can I order a new filter basket?

Question by Howard W.

Is the thermal carafe in the upcoming Capresso ST600 glass or stainless steel lined?

Question by Nikki L.

I manage the cafe at my church, I found this machine in our kitchen and would like it for brewing drip coffee. I am unable to locate any directions for this machine, I am interested in how to use and clean this unit.

Question by Laura G.

How does the Capresso Coffee Team S compare to the Capresso Coffee Team Luxe?

Question by Jennifer J.

Hello! I don't drink much coffee but am looking for a machine that will make chai lattes. With the FrothXpress, can I put the chai liquid concentrate together with the milk directly in the milk reservoir, and have a steamed chai latte come out into my cup?

Question by rhonda c.

Can I get the Capresso Coffee Team S in the color of white?

Question by DeeAnn A.

How does this thing work? Does it steam the milk in the cup or on it's way to the cup? Just trying to figure our the purpose of the container. Do you know how it does with Soy?

Question by travis w.

I dot drink coffee, but I really like milk steamers. I would like to find a home machine that would make these. Will this handle that. Does it work like star bucks where they put the flavor in the bottom and add the steam milk to it?

Question by rosalyn p.

I own a capresso mt500. It needs repair. Where can I send it?