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Question by Pete M.

Hi, when do you expect to have this product back in stock? Also, if I pre-order using Pay Pal, is my account charged before the product is in stock? One last question, can you ship a Mazzer mini hopper with my order? Thank you.

Question by Pete M.

I've read somewhere, I'm not sure where, that WLL will include the short hopper with a purchase of the Ceado E37. Is that accurate?

Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part Two

The Coffee Grinder – we have discussed coffee grinders here in the past and defined what a weight measuring coffee grinder can do. Now I’m going to tell you a seldom revealed astonishing fact; the quality of the coffee grinder directly affects the taste and crema of the espresso! For...

Ceado E37 Grinder

The Ceado E37 is a new product for us at Whole Latte Love. It is a great grinder that has a timer for consistency in the sizes of the espresso to be dispensed. They also are the only commercially approved grinders with NSF approval

Getting Technical with the Ceado Grinders

We are proud to announce the arrival of the Ceado grinders from Italy. Ceado has a well-earned reputation in over 70 countries for making great equipment. We created the videos on Ceado to show you how they operate. Perhaps the most noticeable difference has to do with the engineering that makes...