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Can the burr be replaced?

Can the Burr on the Cuisinart CBM-18 be replaced; and if so what is the cost?

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by: Herbert (♥0) | Mar 28, 2014

Question by Erich M.

I've had this grinder for about 3 years and use it mostly for French press. I've been very happy with its performance for my needs. I was grinding some beans for my morning coffee yesterday and the grinder started making a horrible, high pitched noise. It turns out, there was a small rock in the...

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by: Erich (♥0) | Sep 21, 2013

Question by Ty A.

I have a Breville double boiler, looking for a new grinder as this Cuisinart cant seem to grind fine enough. I am considering the Breville smart grind. Any recommendations?

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by: BeanFiend (♥15) | Aug 09, 2013

Question by Philip C.

Is this grinder truly incapable of grinding fine enough for espresso? My wife purchased one from an online discount retailer who will not accept returns once the item was used. I have had to drastically overfill the portafilter on my Gaggia Color and tamp with nearly my body weight to reach...

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by: Philip (♥5) | Feb 16, 2013