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Cuisinart Brand by Whole Latte Love

Mary from Cuisinart tells Whole Latte Love about the brand. From the unique Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee on Demandâ„¢ carafe-free coffeemaker for dispensing one cup at a time instantly to the Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffee maker with a built in burr grinder, Cuisinart has...

Question by Peggy B.

Can you please tell me where I put coffee beans for grinding on the coffeemaker to make even a fresher cup of coffee?

Question by MARTIN Z.

I lost my manual and can't program my coffee pot. Can you send me the manual?

Question by anna r.

Is this normal that my coffemaker is making noise during making coffee? It beeps 5 times every time it's making another cup. It's making me nervous, is there any problem with thermostat?

Question by Lara Y.

I need to buy a new water filter that comes in the Cuisinart coffee maker. Any help with this?

Question by Marina R.

How often does the charcoal filter need to be changed?

Question by Elizabeth F.

Hello, I have had this Grind n' Brew for 5 months and its my first coffeemaker. But, I still cannot get my coffee to come out in the perfect consistency, it always manages to be watery and bland. Please help! How can I make a good pot of coffee using this lovely piece of machinery?

Question by Deb n.

All of a sudden my grind and brew coffee maker is making a horrible mess. I have cleaned the removable components and tried to brew 4 pots of coffee with the same running everywhere but in the pot. The lid is in place on the grounds container, so I don't know what else is...

Question by jeff b.

I am looking for a way to purchase spare parts.

Question by frank l.

I can't get the grinder out of my grind and brew coffee maker, in order to clean it.

Question by Ronda R.

Should my Cuisinart Grind and Brew grind beans with the timer or do I have to grind the beans ahead of time?

Question by SUZANNE D.

Do you have replacement carafes for the cuisinart grind and brew?

Question by David C.

I need to replace the clear plastic top to the grinder. Since I lost the part and can't find the manual, I don't have the part number.

Question by stephen s.

Is the voltage 220 or 110?

Question by keeana h.

I ran some water thru my cuisinart 2 to go then proceeded to make two cups of coffee and my machine will not come back on. What can I do?

Question by Beverley L.

Is there Cuisinart Two to go with a clock and timer?

Question by John B.

Is there a repair center for Cuisinart grind and brew thermal coffe makers?

Question by Karin S.

I broke the coffee pot to my cuisinart filter brew. Do you sell new ones?