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Question by suzanne n.

Went to Venice, Italy --ruined for life :) since they brewed the best espresso/cappuccinos i have EVER had! So....can you recommend an espresso/cappcno machine for my home for 2-3 esp/caps a day, VERY reliable, and under $200ish ? Frothing is very important as well as a "rich...

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by: suzanne (♥5) | Mar 24, 2013

Delonghi Brand by Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love brings you a close and personal look at the DeLonghi brand. DeLonghi has a centuries-old reputation for innovative and provocative products with unique styling. Its designers continue to be forward thinking in their philosophy and have created a popular line of coffee and...

Question by David E.

I thought I saw on here that it was recommended to get a 53mm tamper for this machine. I just received my RW aluminum in the mail today and it's just a tad bit too big for the basket on this machine and does not seem like it will get a good tamp. I read today on another blog that it should be a...

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by: David (♥5) | Mar 08, 2013

Delonghi Espresso Machines

See and buy De'Longhi machines here: Create espresso, latte, cappuccino or Italian macchiato at home with the simple touch of a button. Shop the extensive line of De'Longhi espresso machines and coffee makers at Whole Latte Love.

How To Choose An Espresso Machine

If you would like to know a little about the many types of espresso machines we sell, this would be a good video to get you started. This video covers the machines we sell and based on your lifestyle, what you like to drink, and ease of use. It will give you an overview of different espresso...