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Tamper= What is the size of the Tamper of DeLonghi EC702? Parts= Where to buy parts for my DeLonghi EC702? Thank you..

I woud like to buy a Tamper, however, I do not know the size.  Please tell me the size of the Tamper that would fit the filter for the DeLonghi EC702.  Where or what site to use to buy parts(order) for my DeLonghi EC702?  Thank you very much..

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by: Luciano (♥0) | Jul 17, 2014

What Pods to use?

Do you have a recommendation for what pods are compatible with this machine? Is there a specific size that I need to watch out for?

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by: abozogh (♥0) | Dec 02, 2013

Delonghi Brand by Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love brings you a close and personal look at the DeLonghi brand. DeLonghi has a centuries-old reputation for innovative and provocative products with unique styling. Its designers continue to be forward thinking in their philosophy and have created a popular line of coffee and...

Question by Mark B.

Please help: Is the quoted MIR rebate for the EC702 DeLonghi still valid possibley for later mail in per chance? It's quoted from (10/1/2012 - 12/31/2012 For Pump Espresso

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by: Mark (♥0) | Jan 01, 2013

Question by Mike b.

I am looking at the DeLongi EC 702 vs the Gaggia Revolution.I noticed the DeLongi has a stainless steel boiler and the Gaggia has an Aluminum boiler.Is one a better option than the other .I am trying to decide which one to buy,

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by: Mike (♥5) | Dec 27, 2012

Delonghi Espresso Machines

See and buy De'Longhi machines here: Create espresso, latte, cappuccino or Italian macchiato at home with the simple touch of a button. Shop the extensive line of De'Longhi espresso machines and coffee makers at Whole Latte Love.

How To Choose An Espresso Machine

If you would like to know a little about the many types of espresso machines we sell, this would be a good video to get you started. This video covers the machines we sell and based on your lifestyle, what you like to drink, and ease of use. It will give you an overview of different espresso...