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DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro Overview

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love take an in-depth look at the De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro capsule machine. Buy it here: Far more than just a capsule system, you can use the Lattissima Pro to...

The DeLonghi Primma Donna Exlcusive

I remember my 1st cell phone years ago; it didn’t have many bells or whistles and it was roughly the size of a car battery. You could use it make calls and well, that’s about it.  Nowadays, smart phones have and do just about everything you can imagine. When it comes to espresso...

Sneak Peak: DeLonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive

Going above and beyond the norm for espresso machines, DeLonghi has added hot chocolate to the list of one-touch specialty drinks that you can prepare with PrimaDonna Exclusive super-automatic espresso machine. With six unique drink buttons, pristine stainless steel housing, and a full color...

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive

Buy it here: Going above and beyond the norm for espresso machines, DeLonghi has added hot chocolate to the list of one-touch specialty drinks that you can prepare with PrimaDonna Exclusive...


Question by Ken R.

I would love hot chocolate and hot tea's also.

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by: Ken (♥0) | Sep 18, 2013


Question by BILL T.


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by: BILL (♥0) | Aug 12, 2013


Question by Jean M.

I thought I read tht there were milk capsules as well as latte or cappucino capsules and that using BOTH produced a nice beverage. Was I reading ab out the Piccolo or a different model? Is there an easy place to see a full list (order form) or capsule options?

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by: Jean (♥0) | May 11, 2013

Delonghi Brand by Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love brings you a close and personal look at the DeLonghi brand. DeLonghi has a centuries-old reputation for innovative and provocative products with unique styling. Its designers continue to be forward thinking in their philosophy and have created a popular line of coffee and...


Question by Jamie T.

I would love to hear from all of you that own this machine. How would you rate it? Pros and cons? Thinking of getting it for our daughter who has owned an espresso machine in the past but needs a new one.

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by: Jamie (♥10) | Jan 14, 2013


Question by Helen T.

I drink Starbucks Venti 16 oz Lattes in a tall cup. Can the Lattissima 680 do this? - double shot expresso with milk to fill 16 oz cup?

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by: Helen (♥5) | Jan 01, 2013


Question by Sheila W.

Will these cups work with my DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine?

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by: Sheila (♥10) | Dec 27, 2012


Question by Phil C.

Can I make macchiatto's with this machine? It can obviously make caps and lattes automatically but I'm wondering if it can make macchiattos too?

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by: Phil (♥20) | Dec 08, 2012

How to Claim the 2012 Nespresso $100 Club Credit

Happy Holidays From Nespresso - a $100 Club Credit! Nespresso Rewards 2012 Year End $100 Club Credit There are 3 things Nespresso requires of you to claim your $100 Nespresso Club Credit: A copy of your receipt. The serial number from the...

By Archie
Delonghi kMix Espresso Maker : What's Brewing #34

Buy here: Clean lines, classic shape and vibrant colors describe the visual appeal of the DeLonghi kMix Espresso Maker. It is a powerful small machine with a durable die-cast aluminum housing and DeLonghi craftsmanship that...

Delonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine: What's Brewing #42

The redesigned Delonghi Magnifica 3500 improves upon the original model with the addition of a stainless steel-lined brew boiler for increased durability. Paired with a separate boiler for steaming and frothing, there is no longer any wait time between brewing and steaming. The redesigned model...

Delonghi kMix Coffee Maker: What's Brewing #41

DeLonghi kMix 10 cup Coffee Maker: The Delonghi kMix 10 cup Coffee Maker is a compact high-performance one-touch control coffee maker that brews with excellent aroma control and flavor retention. The engineers at...

How To: Eggnog Latte Recipe

Learn how to make an Eggnog Latte at home! Morgan made the latte on the Delonghi Magnifica super-automatic espresso machine. This recipe can easily be made on any machine with a steam wand. The ingredients are: 1 double shot of espresso 1/3 cup of milk 2/3 cup of eggnog Whipped cream and...

Delonghi Espresso Machines

See and buy De'Longhi machines here: Create espresso, latte, cappuccino or Italian macchiato at home with the simple touch of a button. Shop the extensive line of De'Longhi espresso machines and coffee makers at Whole Latte Love.