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ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine

It's a rare thing to find a machine that seamlessly combines form and function, a feat that has been achieved by ECM's Technika IV espresso machine. From the outside, you'll be drawn to the curved stainless steel housing, front-mounted pressure gauges, and custom grouphead, but it is what you're...

Question by Lawrence S.

Please advise on the vertical space needed to fill the water resevoir on the Giotto Premium. My cabinets are at 18".

Question by emily M.

Does the machine automatically grind the beans?

Question by Matheos Y.

Does this espresso machines have a water line connection system?

Question by Jeanne P.

My Giotto premium machine is leaking water from the top of the portafilter. Since the same thing is happening with both portafilter units, I assume that I need a new portafilter gasket. Can I purchase one (or two, if they don't spoil with age) from Whole Latte Love?

Question by ivan s.

do you have the ecm giotto premium in 220V version.

Question by Jason P.

I have read what a great machine the Giotto Premium is at making espresso, but my wife only drinks latte and caps and I need a machine that steams with authority. Will the Giotto live up to that need?

Question by michael s.

Can the Giotto Premium be used with Illy pods?

Question by Gary C.

What type of water would minimize scaling/calcification? Is Evian OK to use?

Question by Gary C.

What do you product do you recommend for descaling the Giotto Premium?

Question by Heather T.

My Steamer just stopped working, is there anything that I can do to get this working? It worked on Fri and then on Sat, I turned the machine on and the steamer does not work?